For Anonymity at Scale

Torium empowers the adoption and strength of the Tor network. Torium Proof-of-Uptime and relay hardware allow users to earn passively while contributing to Tor.



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Power of AI

Torium AI integration in the TOR browser serves a critical role in enhancing user privacy and security. By implementing Torium AI-driven algorithms, TOR can better detect patterns in internet traffic, ensuring more effective anonymization and encryption, therefore safeguarding user data against potential threats. Additionally, Torium AI empowers the TOR browser with adaptive capabilities to counteract emerging privacy breaches and security vulnerabilities, ensuring a continuously evolving shield against potential risks and enabling users to navigate the internet with increased confidence.

Furthermore, Torium AI incorporation in TOR significantly improves user experience by enabling more efficient navigation, faster connection speeds, and smarter optimization of resources. The adaptive nature of Torium AI allows TOR to adapt to changing browsing conditions, mitigating network congestions and enhancing the overall performance. This results in a more user-friendly experience, encouraging more individuals to utilize TOR for secure and private internet browsing.

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Relay and receive recognition through Torium

Torium strengthens decentralized networks like Tor with on-chain rewards. Contribute to internet anonymity as a relay and receive Torium through Proof-of-Uptime.

Building Obscurity

Torium aims to grow the number of active Tor relays, strengthening the network to accommodate more volume


Relays, including Torium's own hardware, can earn the TORIUM token for encrypting and transmitting data

End-to-End Privacy

Our protocol is built to preserve anonymity, through gasless layer 2 transactions powered by Smartweave.

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Through Immediate Interoperability


There are more Tor users than DeFi combined. Torium contributes to preserving the parallel internet.


Relays can mine Torium, measured by consensus weight, and earn tokens in real time


The Torium will enable private services, such as onion services, to transact using Torium Protocol


Our relay hardware is immediately interoperable with PoU rewards and allows non-technical users to contribute to decentralized networks while mining Torium.


Incumbent Tor nodes can be whitelisted into the Torium gaslessly. Nodes simply need to hold TORIUM to register and immediately receive rewards

architecture of Torium

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